Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Final Four: Carly's Mad March in London

It only took a week and a half, but at last we have arrived to the Final Four of "Carly Mad March in London" - I'll keep this to one post as it shouldn't take too long to sort this out. Drumroll please...

Buckingham Palace vs. Westminster Abbey
While Buckingham Palace and its park (St. James) absolutely blew me away, Westminster has since stayed with me, and inspired me to write more so that I could be buried alongside Chaucer.

Winner: Westminster Abbey

Stonehenge vs. Windsor Castle This was much harder to decide than the game before as I absolutely loved Stonehenge and it's bit of creepy mystery. In the end however, it was Windsor that gave me chills and made my mom gasp, and therefore edges out the rocks.

Winner: Windsor Castle

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