Monday, April 4, 2011

Carly's Mad March: Roman Baths vs. Piccadilly Circus

Roman Baths vs. Piccadilly Circus
So this was yet another easy game for me to decide upon. I think it's probably clear that the Baths easily trumped Piccadilly, but for discussion sake, let's review.

Roman Baths
This goes back to two of my loves: History and ancient religions. I was extremely excited to visit the Baths because they date back to 70s AD - I was walking in something thousands of years old! The Roman empire has always been much discussed in my family, mainly because my brother believes himself to be a dictator and because The Aeneid (about the founding of Rome) is one of my favorite classics of all time. So again, I was very, very excited to see this place.

We took a bus tour, in combination with Stonehenge, to get to Bath. Now, before I even get into the Roman Baths, I must say the town itself goes down as one of the neatest places I've ever visited. Talk about history! It turns out Johnny Depp and Nicholas Cage (but who really cares about Nicholas Cage) both have houses there because of its beauty and history. The city has many protective laws that shields its original architecture from being demolished, and the result is absolutely breathtaking.

The Baths themselves - well, what can I say? Their history was beyond comprehensible and it's obvious to me, even more than before, that the Romans knew what was up. They utilized natural hot springs to create what I would like to think has to be one of the first spas. What was also really cool was the surrounding museum which held artifacts from the original plaza where the Baths were located - from coins to clothing and pieces of the original temple, I was taken back by what good shape everything was in for its age.

Piccadilly Circus (picture coming soon)
So I didn't know much about this area except that it was explained to me at London's version of Times Square, which, I can now confirm. In visiting though, I did also learn that the word "circus" in England actually refers to "circle," and not the circus one may think of here in the States. It kind of bummed me out in a weird way because I thought it was a clever title for a place I would definitely refer to as a circus.

Piccadilly was neat for what it was, and housed some good shopping and I assume great shows, but up against the wonder of the Baths, it simply fell short.

Winner: Roman Baths

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