Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Elite Eight: Windsor Castle vs. Roman Baths

Windsor Castle vs. Roman Baths

Well this was yet another hard decision, seeing as the historic nerd in me was quite conflicted. Here's the breakdown.

Windsor Castle
Call me crazy, but there's something about an over the top home that just gets me revved up. Aside from St. George Chapel, my favorite portion of the Castle were the extravagant State Apartments housing an array of elaborate designs and historic artifacts - an abundance of war weapons, murals of queens who didn't bare any sons, pictures painted by Rembrandt, golden lions stolen from India...it's quite amazing.

Roman Baths
Well, most of what I wanted to say I previously posted, but I can't help but express how eerie and exciting it is to walk on and around something that was built some 3,000 years ago. It took everything in me to not leap into the Bath to experience the same waters Romans lounged in, but with my parents present, I remained civil.

One portion I didn't love so much, though I suppose on paper it was a good idea, was the actors walking around as if they were modern day Romans. They looked alright I suppose, but it added an unnecessary cheese factor - as if it were an amusement park rather than standing history.

Windsor Castle eeks out the win.

Winner: Windsor Castle

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