Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Elite Eight: Abbey Road. vs. Westminster Abbey

Abbey Road. vs. Westminster Abbey
Tis the battle of the Abbeys. Sigh, and it is so freaking hard. Again, this side of the bracket completely goes down as the equivalent of the "East" in this year's NCAA tournament. Had I payed a bit more attention, I don't think I would've had Abbey Road, Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London, all of which deserve to be in the final four, on one side. But I suppose it makes it all a little more interesting...or that's what I'll keep telling myself.

Abbey Road
The beauty in Abbey Road is what it represents, symbolizes. I'm not sure I would ever have the interest in England that I do without the Fab Four. Sure, my family speaks of its history often, and my mom frequently tells me of Ms. Marple and Hercule Poirot episodes she's watched I'm sure a dozen or so more times, but would it have gotten to the point it has? Sure, I'd still drool over Mr. Darcy in the BBC's version of Pride & Prejudice, but would I have that deep, burning desire to visit and perhaps one day live there? I can't say I would.

So when I came to Abbey Road, when I looked at the crossing, a flood of emotions came over me. Accomplished dreams, unreached goals and an array of pride all took over. Observing the passion of so many others, written on the wall in front of the studios for all to see, only made me feel closer to a land thousands of miles away from me - reunited by our love for The Beatles. If this all seems a bit dramatic, it's because it is, and because I am. No apologies here. I love those freakin mop tops.

Westminster Abbey
Oh let me count the way I love thy. Again, this was such a surprise for me because as I will reiterate for the hundredth time, I am would never expect I would feel so emotional in a religous setting. I was not expecting what I saw let alone how I felt when I saw it. It really was all much more than I can describe to you.

So with all that said, I have to declare the upset in this bracket - yes, it is true, Abbey Road will not move on. Not because Abbey Road disappointed by any means, how could it, but more that Westminster far exceed expectations. As sad it is to say it, Westminster it is.

Winner: Westminster Abbey

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