Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Elite Eight: Hyde Park vs. Buckingham Palace

Hyde Park vs. Buckingham Palace So we've made it to the elite eight, only one week behind schedule. :)

This is where it's beginning to get increasingly difficult. As you know, I selected the eight sights I loved most, so choosing between the best of the best is quite tough, but I'm always up for a challenge, so let's do it to it!

Buckingham Palace

As I mentioned before, it really was St. James park that impressed me most about Buckingham Palace...and that's saying a lot considering its detail and extravagance. Home to the Royal Family and the Queen Mum, it demands respect and class, but I couldn't resist gallivanting through its park and stalking its inhabitants (animals not humans, that may have been grounds to dismissal). I took multiple photos of its squirrels, swans and pelicans - all of which were rather tame and allowed me to get rather close. The photo I included here is looking at Buckingham from St. James park - I like to think it reinforces the home's elegance.

My mom was pretty geeked out about the Palace's famous balcony where the Royals go to address its public (it's slightly hidden behind up in the photo above). It's here where Colin Firth, er, King George VI, restored confidence in Britain during the WWII attacks. It will be here where Prince William will be announced an honest man and wave to the broken hearts of many English girls. Tis a fine balcony indeed.

Hyde Park
While I did love the park, I found I could not resist comparing it to my current boyfriend, Central Park (refer to March 12 post). It is truly beautiful and vast, and while I can see why many would appreciate it's open space for recreation and sunbathing, or demonstrations if that's what you're into, I think I was expecting more of a cluttering of nature - more trails, hills, greens. I'm not sure if this makes any sense at all, but it may be due to my overwhelming love of Central Park. I shouldn't have compared, but again, couldn't help it. This may be my bad.

I did come across an "Andre the Giant Has a Posse" sticker which made me quite happy (see picture). That definitely gave some bonus points.

But in the end, Andre and the random hand holding the little black car (refer to Hyde Park vs. Trafalgar Square post) just didn't surpass the beauty and history of Buckingham Palace. I do hope to visit Hyde Park again, and I do believe that if on my own, lost in the powers of my iPod, I may find myself rather inspired and writing a good bit. If this is to happen, I suppose that new connection would have the power to oust competitors, but because it didn't happen this time around, I have to stay true to my current feelings. Buckingham Palace moves on.

Winner: Buckingham Palace

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