Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Update: Carly's Mad March in London

After teaching myself a bit of HTML coding in order to properly blog, I have finally updated with the first few games of "Carly's Mad March in London," and as you may have noticed, well behind schedule. This trip has far exceeded my expectations (which were pretty high), and so it has been hard to sit down long enough to blog. Also, I've had spotty internet at my hotel, so now in the office, I can finally play a little catch up.

In completely unrelated news, I would like to note to those who may care that the keyboard in Europe, or at least England, is a bit different. The quote symbol (") is not in the same place as one would find in America - it's on the 2 key, which continues to trip me up well into day two here in the office. Why this matters is because I pretty much love to put quotes around anything - neccesary or no. Also, because I know you're dying for this exclusive scoop, the parenthesis (which I also use extrememy too much) is located on the 9 key like American keyboards; however as I typed that sentence (breaking news in real time here folks), I learned that the hashtag is not located in the same spot either. Right. So now that we've cleared that up, we can carry on.

As you see, I still have quite a few places to visit - mostly in the countryside (Stonehenge, Windsor, etc.), hence why the right side of the bracket is blank. Many may also be suprised to see that I have yet to hit Abbey Road which is mainly because I firmly believe in saving the best for the last. That's actually a lie - I really just have been gallivanting too much in Westminster to make it there yet. I promise, I won't lie to you again.

One last note, I have began purchasing the gifts for the winner of the competition, and all I have to say is: lucky you. More updates coming in the next fews days, but in the meantime, check out the following games below:

Game #1: Hyde Park vs. Trafalgar Square
Game #2: Buckinhgam Palace vs. Big Ben
Game #3: Abbey Road vs. London Eye (Rescheduled for later this week)
Game #4: Westminster Abbey vs. Tower of London

Note: For those not aware or with my agency, I created a bracket of the top sights I planned to visit while in England. I develoepd it similar to the NCAA tournament bracket, and even seeded the sights based on how badly I wanted to see them. Much like this year's tournament, I did improperly seed two of the sites (Westminster Abbey and Tower of London) - they should never have met in the first round. I apologize Tower of London...please do not behead me.

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