Sunday, March 27, 2011

UK in the UK

So I've been MIA for a few days but that's simply because I've hopped across the pond to a little town called London. You may have heard of it. I've been having a blast with Mom and Fasha - we've hit most of the big sights and now are starting the tours today. We're a little off schedule, but hey, what's the fun in sticking to a schedule written before we knew what we were even in for?

So the big news today is that my beloved Cats are in the Elite 8 after ousting the Ohio St. Buckeyes (refer to previous post when I predicted this). Mom says I shouldn't gloat, so I'll try my best to be subdued, especially after last year. Try is the key term here.

I can't help but smile from ear to ear. I had full intentions of watching at least part of the game on Friday, though it started at 1:45 am here. I met up with an old college friend, and needless to say, he and alcohol prevented me from score updates. So how did I find out that my alma mater pulled the upset? Well, none other than Fasha walking in Saturday morning, simply stating, "Get up Carls. We've got to go get your 'S'." He of course was referring to my project of creating a picture of C-A-T-S with notable London sites. Mission accomplished. See above.

Even if the buck stops here (pun well intended), I am still so proud of this team. And now I get to watch my boys fight the Argyle clad UNC for the Final Four...while in London.

Is life not grand?

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