Monday, March 28, 2011

Love & Kentucky Basketball

If anyone would've told an 18-year old me - young, naive and full of enough ambition to lead an army - that she'd spend almost two weeks in London while the Kentucky Wildcats made one hell of a run to the Final Four...well, she'd probably say, "Atta girl!" So I started an article last week before I left that I hope to submit to the Lexington Herald-Leader before the big game on Saturday (editors note: Kentucky advanced to the Final Four, if not obvious). The article is titled, "Love and Kentucky Basketball." It chronicles my 'relationship' with the team, tongue-in-cheek as though I've been dating Kentucky ball for the past fifteen years. We've had our ups and downs, our happy times (like now) and our share of controversy...which of course leads to Coach Cal. Oh Coach Cal. You are rapidly becoming the cheese to my macaroni. In two short years, Mr. Calipari has taken us from nothing to an Elite 8 and Final Four - say wha? Many will say it'll be revoked due to recruiting violations. Yeah, so what if Coach Cal has a worse reputation than Charlie Sheen. Anyone outside of Kentucky is likely to dislike Cali, at best, but I'd like to think he's off to a fresh start at UK. Okay, okay, I know, I am totally drinking his kool-aid, but boy just took us to the Final Four for the first time since '98, you must understand. I'll post the article when I finish it. In the meantime, know this: Coach Cal is currently walking a red carpet in Lexington, Kentucky. If he wins the whole thing, he'll be upgraded to a walking God...if he hasn't already.

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