Monday, March 28, 2011

One Mad March

So, as any PR professional can appreciate, my schedule in London has been thrown a bit off course. Like any logistics nerd, I tried to plan everyday to the last minute, and like any event I've ever worked, that naturally didn't work. Needless to say, the bracket is a bit off schedule. I've been to most of the sights, but haven't been to the countryside which makes up most of the right side of the bracket. Since I'll be in the MSL London office on Tuesday and Wednesday, this won't happen until Thursday. Here's what I've thought of on the fly: Later today, after some more sight-seeing, I will update the bracket with the "games" I can finish. On Thursday/Friday, I will update with the other games. On Monday (April 4), I will finish the bracket and award the prizes. Sorry for the delay, but again, I'm sure you have all been there...which makes this post that much easier to write! Upward & onward. Cheerio!

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