Thursday, January 13, 2011

(S)he got that ambition baby, look in her eyes

I attended my first Gotham writing workshop last night (it was free) and LOVED it. It was focused specifically on fiction writing, and though it was only a tease into the full 10-week course, we did go through some character development exercises which resulted in almost 2 hours of writing last night. It also prompted some thinking today regarding the plot, which I am considering rejiggering! I can't wait to get back to writing tonight and this weekend - I'm like a new mother, I gotta nurse! <-- My apologies for that, kinda gross.

Oh, also, it didn't hurt that my teacher last night was extremely cute. Maybe I need a writer for a man. Just a thought.

In other news, I have also started a timeline of writing goals I'm going to attempt to reach. Here's a rough layout, and I suppose I will adjust as I needed:

May/June: Finish complete draft of Lie in Our Graves
June-July: Work with Roomie to edit, revise as neccesary
July: Begin shopping for a literary agent
August: Begin writing Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday (working title)
Nov. 12: Receive, at minimum, interest from a publisher (I realize this is overly ambitious, but hey, no harm in that)

We shall see what goes on with that. Expect lots this weekend - my mind is going 100 mph right now, but work is kind of getting in the way at the moment.

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