Wednesday, January 5, 2011

iCan. iWill. iPad

So my writing trials and tribulations just got a whole lot easier. Why? Mama just got herself iPad!

And how did I get an iPad you may be asking yourself, especially since I'm Captain Brokes-A-Lot? Well funny you should ask...

See about two months ago my company opened up an internal writing contest to which I felt compelled to enter. To be honest, the prize could've been a bag of M&Ms and I still would've entered because well, I'm a dork. But lucky for me, the prize was an iPad AND even better, a trip to another office, anywhere in the world. And guess who won? Well, I suppose I wouldn't be going on about an iPad if I hadn't, now would I?

On the trip side, because that is the most exciting, I of course selected London because my second book (Ruby Tuesday) will be set there. Well that and that whole "I've been obsessed with England since I heard my first Beatles' song" and the whole "I want to live in London" thing...yes, suppose those came into play as well. But I digress. More to come on London soon. For now, the iPad has just been handed to me.

So now I have Addie (yes I am naming it since it is my new best friend) to take to the park and write. EEEEEKKK! Do you understand how huge this is? Lie In Our Graves (working title) is mostly set in Central Park. How cool is it that I can now sit in Strawberry Fields, while writing about Harper and Oscar in Strawberry Fields? Or walk about the Great Lawn as I write about them walking around the Great Lawn? You get the idea! And while I would love to the listen the Beatles considering the locale, I will be listening to the song of the current chapter I'm writing about. Are you excited because you should be! See I couldn't do all of this before because the computer I currently use is extremely wonky.

There is an, um, eh, "love" scene I should say that takes place in the park as well. Probably won't reenact that one, but I can sit where I say it happens and think about how it'll all play out. And the climax of the book, #41? All in the park.

Bottom Line: Non-wonky iPad will excel the writing Lie in Our Graves.

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