Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pistol Pete Griffin

So I've been uber lame and lazy, and haven't been updating like I promised. But let me tell you why: Family Guy spec script. Yeeesss!

Turns out I'm entering a writing contest where you submit a sample script for any 30-minute television show, currently on air. It can be anything but reality (because they "don't have scripts"), so I chose Family Guy. Oh yes, I chose Family Guy.

And why did I chose a cartoon? A) Because it's flippin hilarious. B) The flashbacks allow me to say and do so many things I've always wanted a show to do and say C) They show is at times inappropriate, and they makes me happy.

So what's my episode about? Well, I can't say too much until I submit it, but let's just say there's a Superman 2 flash back as well as a strung out Mickey Mouse forcing Demi Lovato to cut herself. Oh and Peter telling the world he hates Betty White.

The contest deadline is Feb. 28, so my focus from the book has been shifted until I complete this. It's been a fun break, and I find myself compiling new ideas for the book naturally, rather than forcing myself to think about a situation. It's nice to still be writing, but not necessarily on the book. Keeps the juices flowin' I suppose.

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