Thursday, February 10, 2011


So as mentioned, I suck at updating, so I thought to myself this weekend, why Carly? Why? And you know what answer I found lurking in my heart? Limitation.

I designed this blog to follow my journey to getting published, so it's weird to talk about all the other things I'm doing unrelated to Lie in Our Graves. So, to change that, I'm slightly shaking up this blog up to suit reality. It will still relate back to writing, and hopefully through it you will see my journey to becoming a published actor, but let's open up a little. You with me? Good because you didn't have a choice. I kid, I kid.

So today I am focused on finishing up the Family Guy script. My trouble, and has always been my trouble in writing, is as a colleague noted, the "it." The thing that drives the story - I mean, I have some good stuff down, funny...hilarious in fact (at least to this skewed reader), but I need the build. Deadline is Feb. 28th, so trying to finish this weekend to leave 2 weeks of editing time. And then the fateful submission. If I could copy and paste with Blogspot, I'd share some of it. But since I am unable, I'll rewrite some of it on here this weekend - it makes me laugh at least.

In other news, I've been reading The Kite Runner which has been really good. It's a bit disturbing in places, but has evoked some inspiration as far as how to tell a story. I have realized that reading other works really helps me visualize how I want my story to come together...that is except when I was reading War and Peace. I'm about half way through, and am learning a lot - creatively and intellectually. The first half takes place in Kabul, an area I'm not too versed. It's been insightful to learn about their culture through the eyes of the narrarator. Very interesting. Suggest you check it out if you haven't already.

Adios for now - once Family Guy is down, think I may submit for a short story (still deciding) and then back to Lie in Our Graves - I write better when I miss it.

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