Friday, December 31, 2010

When I was 27, it was a very good year

Hi everyone and welcome to my newest blog - the goal being to track my journey, whether successful or unsuccessful, to publish the book I've spent the last year and a half writing. And what better day to start it than on the eve of a new and bright year?

So if you are wondering where this is all coming from, let me explain:

November 12: On this day, I had a moment that many will probably never understand, but I hope everyone will someday experience. While some may think it's a bit over dramatic, I had an epiphany to follow my dream and passion for writing. And what's great about that is to know that even if I never make it (make it = being published), at least I know I tried. But, I mean, c'mon, wouldn't it be cool to be published?

November 13: How the hell do I make this happen?

November/December: So after evaluating the book, what I want to accomplish and how I got to this point, I realized I had a particularly funny birthday coming up. It would be my twenty-seventh birthday - and considering my love for the Dave Matthews Band, I found it a bit poetic (perhaps pathetic to others). One of my favorite DMB songs is #27 which contains the following lyric,
"So I will live as I see fit. And there will be those,
who will not like it."
So why is that funny? For those who know me, I'm obviously a nut for Mr. Matthews and his musical minstrels, but the real reason, is because my first book is told to their music. Their lyrics, in fact, narrate my story. And so when I realized writing is what I want to do, I knew I'd probably get some push back, especially considering I've found a niche in PR, my current gig. And so this lyric is particularly meaningful and told me to go for it. And it's my current age, so...boom.

December 31: Going for it. And by going for it, I mean starting this blog to air out the frustrations, successes and failures that may come along with my adventure. I want it to be a diary of my experience, good or bad, so I know that I did it. And I hope it will be interesting to track my thought process - through my first book which is almost finished to my second, my perspective of Ruby Tuesday, told to the music of the Rolling Stones. That's what I hope to make my own - stories told to music.

And so to end this first post, I leave you with no promises of what will happen, but I hope you'll stayed tuned. My first step is to finish this first bad boy, find an agent, then a publisher and so on. My goal is to finish it in the next coming months, and then start my next concept while shopping the first around.

And so, here we go. Operation #27 - all systems go!

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  1. Like I told you a few days ago after you told me about your plan. We were standing in line to take back clothes when I said I can see it sitting at a table with a line of admireres just waiting for your autograph on the newly published book while cameras are flashing! Then you piped in to state that you would run up for a picture and do a Hulk Hogan flex & say "Now what Bitches?" Pretty sure it will go exactly like that! You go Girl!! XOXO